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Dear Life

Elixir 10% - 4.5mg per drop

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THC 0% - CBD 10% or 900mg
10ml - 200 drops of 4.5mg CBD

A flavorful combination of broad spectrum hemp extract and organic mint and cinnamon essential oils. In an attempt to find something sweeter, stronger and exclude THC from the list of compounds present in our Elixir, our herbalist stumbled upon this balanced mix of plants.

Product available in three potencies: 4%, 6% and 10%. Elixir 4% being the only one that contains full spectrum extract.

What is a full-spectrum hemp extract?

Full-spectrum hemp extract

A full spectrum or crude extract is a hemp extract that contains all the beneficial molecules that can be found in the plant. This includes cannabinoids such as CBD, THC or CBG along with terpenes and flavonoids. Most of the time, products that contain full spectrum hemp extract  have a stronger hemp taste so if you are not a fan of the herbal and bitter taste of hemp we recommend that you stick with Elixir 6% and Elixir 10%.

What is a broad-spectrum hemp extract?

Broad-spectrum hemp extract

A broad spectrum extract is obtained by taking the extraction process a step further by distilating the crude extract. The main objective of this process is to have an ingredient that’s more concentrated in CBD and contains absolutely no THC. As a result of this process, other molecules are eliminated along with THC leaving us with a broad spectrum instead of a full spectrum of beneficial compounds contained in the plant. As we mentioned earlier, a broad spectrum extract has a higher CBD concentration, thus making the hemp taste less present in the final product.

Swiss Label Certified: More than 90% of the ingredients included in this product are of Swiss Origin.

Ingredients: broad-spectrum hemp extract, organic rapeseed oil, organic mint essential oil, organic cinnamon essential oil.