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Dear Life

Elixir 4% - 1.8mg per drop

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THC <0.2% - CBD 4% or 360mg
10ml - 200 drops of 1.8mg CBD

A balanced blend of hemp extract with organic mint and cinnamon essential oils. Our herbalist spent days looking for the perfect harmony between the flavors of these three plants.

What makes the 4% Elixir special is that it’s the only one that contains full-spectrum extract. Our 6% and 10% Elixirs contain broad-spectrum extract.

What is a full-spectrum hemp extract?

Full-spectrum hemp extract

A full spectrum extract is the first raw ingredient that can be produced from hemp flowers. Also referred to as a crude extract,  it comes in a viscous form and has a dark brown/green/yellow color. This ingredient contains all the cannabinoïds and terpenes that are contained in the plant thus maintaining the entire spectrum of beneficial molecules that the plant may contain.

Nutritional products that contain full-spectrum extracts usually have a stronger hemp taste so if you are not a fan of the herbal and bitter taste of hemp, we recommend Elixir 6% or Elixir 10% as they contain broad-spectrum extract.

What is a broad-spectrum hemp extract?

Broad-spectrum hemp extract

A broad-spectrum extract also referred to as distillate, is equivalent to taking the hemp extraction process a step further through distillation of the full spectrum extract. The goal of the process is to exclude and/or isolate certain molecules. In the case of Elixir 6% and Elixir 10%, the goal was to eliminate THC from the list of compounds present in our flavourful blend. As a result of this process, other molecules are also eliminated leaving us with a broad spectrum instead of a full spectrum of desirable molecules contained in the plant. A broad-spectrum extract is also more concentrated in CBD which means that less of it is needed and therefore the hemp taste is less present in the final product. 

Swiss Label Certified: More than 90% of the ingredients included in this product are of Swiss Origin.

Ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract, organic rapeseed oil, organic mint essential oil, organic cinnamon essential oil.