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Dear Life

Elixir 4%, 6% and 10% - Monthly Subscription

Duration of Subscription

We inform you that on the Dear Life website you can pay via TWINT or bank transfer.

Dear Life products are meant to reset and rebalance your body and mind. We wish you well. 

As being worried about your monthly supply of Elixir isn’t good for your body or your mind, we make sure that you get a bottle of Elixir in your mailbox every month.  


 cannabinoïd %



Hemp extract used

Elixir 4%

THC < 0.2%

CBD 4%

360 mg

1.8 mg

Full Spectrum

Elixir 6% 

THC 0%

CBD 6% 

540 mg 

2.7 mg 

Broad spectrum

Elixir 10%

THC 0% 

CBD 10%

900 mg 

4.5 mg 

Broad Spectrum

Ingredients: hemp extract, biological mint and cinnamon essential oil, biological rapeseed oil. 

What is a full-spectrum hemp extract?

full spectrum  hemp extract

Also known as crude extract, it contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds that are beneficial for your body and mind. Nutritional products that contain full-spectrum extracts usually have a stronger hemp taste so if you are not a fan of the herbal and bitter taste of hemp, we recommend Elixir 6% or Elixir 10% as they contain broad-spectrum extract.

What is a broad-spectrum hemp extract?

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Also known as distillate, the broad spectrum extract can be produced by distillating the full spectrum extract that is presented above. It is equivalent to taking the CBD extraction process one step further by eliminating THC from the equation. However, as you eliminate THC, you also eliminate other molecules leaving a broad-spectrum of desirable compounds instead of a full-spectrum. Since a broad-spectrum extract has a higher concentration of CBD, less of it is needed to complete the Elixir blend and hence Elixir 6% and Elixir 10% have a sweeter taste as the hemp taste is less present.